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7 Latest Web Development Trends that Look Out for 2017



Already 2016 gone to an end, I can't help out you anymore but surprise what 2017 will have in for us. Will the web merge its technique into even other areas of our life?

In latest, the web has been receiving more and more embedded in our daily life. We employ it for the lot, from shopping, banking and reading news, etc. The demand for web development is as high as ever seen before, and the possibility of what developers can do is massive!

If you want to hire some web development company in India it is important to know 5 Essential Things to Consider on Selecting a Web Design Company.

Here you can find Web development latest trends in 2017:

Artificial intelligence

When you talk about the outlook of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) plays high role on the technology plan. A good number of the AI developments have been planned to make consumer processes easier and smoother.

The reason after the growth of AI development is cloud computing and access to more data. Cloud computing has turn into more professional and available than before. World’s biggest companies, such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook, have been introducing their AI technology to be used by the public. 

With smoother access to the essential tools for AI development, we can anticipate developers to start using AI in new and different ways.

JavaScript in 2017

JavaScript is already in news due to its lively ecosystem of frameworks, technologies, and libraries. The expected libraries in Java Script 2017 are D3.JS, Node.JS, RIOT.JS, keystone.JS, Chart.VS, etc. And Amber.JS, VUE.JS, Meteor are few other frameworks of JavaScript for 2017. REDUX is the framework that offers transactional, deterministic state management for the applications.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality or VR is another topic discussing the future of technology. This trend has already focused gaming industry. The Oculus Rift and the Vive bring new and interesting potential to the world of gaming. Google and Mozilla have begun work on APIs to help VR technology transition to the web.

Static Website Generators

Static websites are taking over from dynamic websites for offering online content. These static website generators build websites from plain text, usually stored in files and not in databases. Advantages you obtain are low costs and enhanced speed, performance and security.

Motion UI

It is a SaaS library used for generating custom CSS transitions and animations. It has more than two dozen animation classes and built-in transition that make prototyping smooth.

Angular 2 and Further than

After release of Angular 2 in 2016 and lot of changes has happened - Google’s frontend JavaScript framework has been totally reconstructed.  Now it takes benefit of JavaScript ES6’s features, applications are written in TypeScript, and now it is moving towards an extra component driven architecture.

Parallax Special Effects

It is one of the most excellent ways of adding a further dimension layer to the website. You can use that website to add beautiful 3D effects.

This is not an ending in 2017 brings some more interesting developments in web technologies. Stay Tuned with us!!!