Embedded Projects

Embedded system is a computer system that has hardware and software embedded into the hardware and Real Time Operating System. The computer hardware components of the system are a microprocessor, large memory, input/output units and networking units. Real Time Embedded Projects in Maduirai are implemented in technologies such as GPS, GSM, Android, smart sensors, biometrics, PLC, power electronics,Zigbee, WIFI-Adruino,3G, Robotics projects ,and many more.


Embedded Projects

Embedded Project Titles

Sno Project Title Project Description
1 Hand Gesture Recognition project based on American sign language This technology is an ideal interface between human and computer interaction. The Signer-independent fingerspelling alphabet recognition is the advanced technology used to recognize the hand gesture.The wireless data gloves is used to localize the hand positions and improved sensors & RGB camera are other components required for this final year project.
2 Industrial Controller with SMS controlled system In order to monitor the system continuously in process control industries, this project is implemented. As manual monitoring is not possible all the time, SMS controlled system is used. This can be implemented through Labview software by assigning the parameter to the industrial process and when deviation occurs, message is sent to the operator.
3 Obstacle detection in automonous robots The main aim of this project is detect the obstacles through ultrosonic detectors, when the robots move in all directions on its path. Once the detector finds an obstacle, it gives signal to themicrocontroller. The microcontroller now helps to change the direction of the robot by driving the motors.
4 Patient Monitoring system using GPRS and GPS technology This is a 24×7 patient monitoring system. This system monitors the patient from the remote location. The parameters are plotted on the graph for the patients by means of MATLAB software. Several sensors are used to detect the temperature,pressure, ECG,heart beat,etc of the patients.All the information is processed & transmitted through ARM cortex and transmitted to the server in hospitals.
5 Bluetooth Energy Meter project This project deals with the bluetooth technology where portable devices are connected in short range wireless ad hoc network. Bluetooth based automation is the concept of this project. The Commands needed to be sent to the automation unit are given from PC to Bluetooth USB Adapter. The adapter then converts the data into airborne signals which is receive through bluetooth transceiver. Further this data is transfered to the embedded controller by means of serial port. The controller reads the data and controls the automation unit.
6 Palpatation Panel Based Automation system The concept of this project is to control the devices using touch panel automatically. ARM controller is used to control the device to turn on or off. The switching process is preprogrammed in the Integrated Circuit. Whenever a person touch the device, this system will sense and fetches the information to the ARM controller.
7 Pioneering Congestion Control System This embedded system project is designed to clear off the traffic and giving way for ambulances and for the people in emergency conditions. According to our project the concept is designed as,whenever the ambulance about to reach the traffic signal junction, the person in the vehicle must press the normal/emergency wise priority switches and inform the direction to the traffic system. According to it, traffic is cleared. Zigbee technology and microcontrollers are used here.
8 Gas Leak Detection system This project is a safety purpose project where the leakage of gas is monitored through the wireless sensor networks(WSN) and sent to the computer when the gas exceeds the threshold. Zigbee technology is used in embedded system project.
9 First Aid Android In Defence This project is designed to provide first aid for the soldiers during the war. The soldiers who are wounded are identified by GPS and connected to microtroller and signals transmitted through zigbee trans rceiver. The robot treats the soldiers by using the first aid kit provided to it. The motor drivers directs the robot to the specified location of soldiers.
10 Intelligent Embedded Control Warning System For Car Reversing In this project, the embedded system uses the Microsoft Win CE operating system. The car backup warning system detects the persons walking on the road or other vehicles when the driver needs to take up a reverse. This can avoid road accidents.

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