Java Projects


Sno Project Title Project Description
1 IRIS recognition system Iris recognition system is the process of recognizing a person by examining the pattern of the iris. The scanned images of the person’s eye is converted into 8-bit representation. This is one of the best biometric application used in various industries for security purposes.
2 Intrusion detection and prevention system This project is based on identifying various types of lawful threats/risks at the application and network layers in a computer network and acts as best prevention system. Types of intrusion detection are anomaly-based detection, signature-based detection, and hybrid detection.
3 Medical Diagnostic System The main aim of this project is to develop a software application in order to diagnose the diseases of patients using tools. And further this system sends the reports of patient’s status. This helps the doctors to deal further with the case.
4 Smart Encryption based projects for image, audio and video This project is an idea of hiding secret data in image,audio and video file. Stenography method is used in smart encryption based projects as there is no possibility in leakage of message to third party.
5 Screen Capture OCR This project deals with the Optical Character Recognition system, where the scanner is used to produce the electronic picture of a page which are composed of millions of electronic dots. Using OCR,we can capture the text from the screen. OCR SDK library in java is used to implement this concept.
6 Minesweeper Minesweeper is a computer game and the logic of this game is to flattern each and every grey square in the puzzle game and locate all the mines hided inside the cells. The whole process undergoes randomized clicks by the player.
7 Bug tracking system The concept of this project is to detect bugs in an application. Complete information regarding the bugs detected are provided through this system. The bug tracking system is very useful during the testing phase. The bugs are reported to the project manager and the developer.
8 File Compression (GZIP Algorithm) GZIP is the compression format and it is compatible in the UNIX and LINUX platforms. package is used in java to create and read the files in zip format. Data can be compressed and decompressed through this project.
9 A CD writing interface This project is based on creating a CD burning software like NERO. Program is written on reading and writing ISO files to the compact disc.
10 Digital Image Watermarking Digital Image Watermarking is a project that provides security for images, video and audio files. It is an encryption procedure which helps to protect the data using encryption key.
11 Enterprise Resource Solution Enterprise Resource Planning is the business process management software. This software helps to manage the business & automated back office functions. ERP helps to manaage the employee information effectively.
12 Chat Server The Chat server project helps to prompt the user to enter name and identifies the client with that name. Server is assumed to run on the same system (localhost) at port number 9999. Run client once for each user by going to a different command prompt.This project is implemented using socket programming and multithreading in java.
13 Mobile to PC communication J2ME This project helps to enable the remote communication between mobile device and PC. J2ME is used to implement the project. People can access the PC data from mobile phones through this system.GPRS enabled mobile phones and WAP is essential to implement the project.
14 E-auction bidding and winning JSP / SQL E-auction is the online website that carries out auctions. People can carry out goods or property sales at anytime,anywhere and to anyone. A person who is willing to do bidding must register in the website as a buyer or seller. This project is robust and consumes less time.
15 Chequebook Balancer Deluxe This project deals with analyzing whether the checks are cleared or not and examines the bank statement, imports and exports data on cash withdrawals, direct-debit purhases.

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