IEEE 2016 Dotnet Titles


Cloud Computing

1. A Context-aware Service Evaluation Approach over Big Data for Cloud Applications

2. EPAS: A Sampling Based Similarity Identification Algorithm for the Cloud

3. Model-Driven Development Patterns for Mobile Services in Cloud of Things

4. Follow-Me Cloud: When Cloud Services Follow Mobile Users

5. Stochastic Load Balancing for Virtual Resource Management in Datacenters

6. Providing User Security Guarantees in Public Infrastructure Clouds

7. Dynamic and Public Auditing with Fair Arbitration for Cloud Data

8. Crowdsourcing based Description of Urban Emergency Events using Social Media Big Data

9. Video Stream Analysis in Clouds: An Object Detection and Classification Framework for High Performance Video Analytics

10. Using Socio-Spatial Context in Mobile Cloud Offload Process forEnergy Conservation in Wireless Devices

11. Using Crowdsourcing to Provide QoS for Mobile Cloud Computing

12. A Novel Statistical Cost Model and an Algorithm for Efficient Application Offloading to Clouds

13. A Modified Hierarchical Attribute-based Encryption Access Control Method for Mobile Cloud Computing

14. A Data and Task Co-scheduling Algorithm for Scientific Cloud Workflows

15. Achieving Energy Efficiency in Data Centers Using an Artificial Intelligence Abstraction Model

16. Assurance of Security and Privacy Requirements for Cloud Deployment Model

17. On the Performance Impact of Data Access Middleware for NoSQL Data Stores

18. Identity-Based Private Matching over Outsourced Encrypted Datasets

19. ADON: Application-Driven Overlay Network-as-a-Service for Data-Intensive Science

20. Chaotic Searchable Encryption for Mobile Cloud Storage

21. CypherDB: A Novel Architecture for Outsourcing Secure Database Processing

22. Architectural Protection of Application Privacy Against Software and Physical Attacks in Untrusted Cloud Environment

Data Mining

1. A Decision-Theoretic Rough Set Approach for Dynamic Data Mining

2. TelCoVis: Visual Exploration of Co-occurrence in Urban Human Mobility Based on Telco Data

3. Interactive Visual Discovering of Movement Patterns from Sparsely Sampled Geo-tagged Social Media Data

4. ecoSense: Minimize Participants' Total 3G Data Cost in Mobile Crowd sensing Using Opportunistic Relays

5. A Kind of Novel ITS Based on Space-Air-Ground Big-Data

6. Recent Development in Big Data Analytics for Business Operations and Risk Management

7. Online Ensemble Learning of Data Streams with Gradually Evolved Classes

8. DiploCloud: Efficient and Scalable Management of RDF Data in the Cloud

9. Graph Regularized Feature Selection with Data Reconstruction

10. NATERGM: A Model for Examining the Role of Nodal Attributes in Dynamic Social Media Networks

11. Nearest Keyword Set Search in Multi-Dimensional Datasets

12. Online Mode Switch Algorithms for Maintaining Data Freshness in Dynamic Cyber-Physical Systems

Image Processing

1. Data-driven Soft Decoding of Compressed Images in Dual Transform-Pixel Domain

2. Double-Tip Artefact Removal from Atomic Force Microscopy Images

3. Weakly Supervised Fine-Grained Categorization with Part-Based Image Representation

4. Robust Visual Tracking via Convolutional Networks without Training

5. Learning Invariant Color Features for Person Re-Identification

6. A Diffusion and Clustering-based Approach for Finding Coherent Motions and Understanding Crowd Scenes

7. Automatic Design of Color Filter Arrays in The Frequency Domain

8. Learning Iteration-wise Generalized Shrinkage-Thresholding Operators for Blind Deconvolution

9. Image Segmentation Using Parametric Contours With Free Endpoints

10. CASAIR: Content and Shape-Aware Image Retargeting and Its Applications

11. Texture classification using Dense Micro-block Difference

12. Statistical performance analysis of a fast super-resolution technique using noisy translations

Web Services

1. Internet-based Indoor Navigation Services

2. Tools Enabling Online Contributions by Older Adults

3. Social media interaction and analytics for enhanced educational experiences

4. Crowdsourcing processes: a survey of approaches and opportunities

5. GWMEP: Task-Manager-as-a-Service in Apache CloudStack

6. Service Provisioning in Content-Centric Networking: Challenges, Opportunities, and Promising Directions

7. Distributed Data Management Service for VPH Applications

8. Ensembling Classifiers for Detecting User's Intentions behind Web Queries

9. Techniques for Defending from Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Security Exploits

10. Separating Operational and Control Behaviors: A New Approach to Web Services Modeling

11. Incentive Mechanisms in P2P Media Streaming Systems

12. Predicting user behavior through sessions using the web log mining

13. Automating Web Tasks by Simulating Browser Behaviors

14. A Machine Learning Based Web Spam Filtering Approach

15. Privacy Policy Analysis of Popular Web Platforms

16. Intent-based Extensible Real-time PHP Supervision Framework

17. SPFM: Scalable and Privacy-preserving Friend Matching in Mobile Cloud

18. Pattern matching for extraction of core contents from news web pages

19. A Context-Aware, Interactive M-Health System for Diabetics

20. Inference Attack on Browsing History of Twitter Users Using Public Click Analytics and Twitter Metadata

21. Opinion Mining and Sentiment Polarity on Twitter and Correlation between Events and Sentiment


1. An Optimization Framework for Mobile Data Collection in Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

2. Distributed and Fair Beaconing Rate Adaptation for Congestion Control in Vehicular Networks

3. Minimizing Radio Resource Usage for Machine-to-Machine Communications through Data-Centric Clustering

4. Unlicensed Spectra Fusion and Interference Coordination for LTE Systems

5. On the vulnerabilities of Voronoi-based approaches to mobile sensor deployment

6. A Superprocess With Upper Confidence Bounds for Cooperative Spectrum Sharing

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